About HG

In Silicon Valley, the common badge of honor for successful start-ups is that they began in someone's garage. Well, Silicon Valley doesn't have a monopoly on that type of origin story.
Hannebaum Grain began in a basement.
That was back in 1979. Now, four successive office buildings and 44 years later, Hannebaum Grain is healthier than we've ever been (with a bit more headroom than that basement afforded, too). While we've gained experience and established relationships across the Midwest, we haven't lost our hunger or rested on past successes. We still feel like a start-up, and this is just the beginning of our story.

This industry has seen local elevators combine to form large conglomerates, single-family farms grow into vast enterprises, truck hauls increasing from 150 to 1,000 bushels … the growth has been staggering. Hannebaum Grain is no exception.
We've thrived through the years because we haven't wavered, haven't strayed, haven't abandoned our core beliefs. We don't speculate the market. We don't look for easy wins. We aren't here to guess the future.
We're here to work hard, every day, for the long haul.

For you.

Contact us, and let's get to work.